Feeling Drained

IMG_7776These last few weeks have been … well … hell. I started this blog to talk about the things that are different when you go from living in a mid-west town in the U.S. to living overseas in a foreign country but life has been getting in my way lately. (I will get back to my original plan soon, I promise.) Things have been a bit sidetracked since Tony started consulting for a new client.

He used to consult with one here in town but now every Monday Tony has to fly out to Zurich, share a rental car with co-workers to Konstanz, Germany where he works until Thursday afternoon, then flies home. So, after being single for 46 years, I get married and move to Europe with the man of my dreams only to end up living alone again for 4 days a week in a country where I do not know anyone else and do not speak the language very well.

Now, I have met people since we moved here, of course I have. But I have not become friends with anyone who actually lives here. All the friends I have made since moving here have been in my language classes. Unfortunately, most of them were only here to learn German and went home again after their class was over. The few who are still here are mostly 20-something males from Syria. While we always say hello when we see each other on the street, we aren’t the kind of friends who go to the movies and get gelato together.

To make matters more stressful right now, our dog has been very sick and I have had to try taking care of him on my own, navigating the trains and taxis with a sick dog and trying to communicate in a language I do not speak very well. Let’s just say, Thank God for chocolate because I’m not much of a drinker anymore.

I would like to point out the people I have dealt with while trying to take care of Shaggy have all been wonderful. The people at the animal clinic are amazing and I feel very good about the care they always give Shaggy. But when you are alone in a foreign country and don’t feel secure in your knowledge of the local language and customs, any crisis like this is extremely stressful.

Tony has tried to do everything he can even when he’s in Konstanz. He makes calls to the vet and other people for me when my level of German isn’t enough to understand each other.

I had been in a German language class I loved this summer but the teacher left the school. She is going to be teaching in a new school in September. I need to call today and see about getting into the new school and when her class will get to module 3, where I left off, and set up for me to join the class at that time.

On the up side of things, I will be able to complete my German lessons well before my deadline of August 2018, even if I have to start over again at the new school. The ice machine I ordered works fantastic and I have been living on ice teas this week. When everything is going to hell, it’s the little things that keep you going.




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