Who I am and Why You Should Follow Me

The first part of this is easy enough. I am a middle-aged woman who got married for the first and only time at the age of 47. As is typical nowadays, my husband and I met on a dating website. A co-worker had met his fiance on Plenty of Fish and suggested I try it too. I had five dates and the fifth would be my last first date ever, I met the man I would marry.



Just your average Kansas girl.

I was born, raised, went to college, and lived in Wichita, Kansas practically my entire life except for a few short moves to Oklahoma and Missouri. While I had traveled to different countries, the visits were never more than a week a two. My husband, however, was born and raised in Chile, went to college in Germany, and has lived pretty much all over the world. How his life’s journey managed to land him in Wichita, KS, I will never know but I’m grateful it did.


I fluently speak English and have studied Spanish, Russian, and American Sign language but can barely have a basic conversations in them. My husband fluently speaks English, Spanish, German and can have basic conversations in Italian, Portuguese, and French and knows some Danish and Chinese.

I am the first person in my family to go to college and I believe I am still the only one with a degree but defiantly the only one with more than one degree. I have a degree in journalism and an associated degree in forensic criminology. I have taken numerous business and management classes and had started another degree in nutrition but after meeting my husband, my future plans changed. I do hope to finish my nutrition degree one day. It is very important to me.

My husband, on the other hand, comes from a family where college is expected and many people have degrees. He himself holds five degrees. I believe it’s two undergraduate and three master’s but, honestly, I can never remember for sure.

I come from what would be considered a lower middle-class American family while my husband comes from a more aristocratic upper-class Chilean/German family.we couldn’t come from more different backgrounds and yet we are so similar it’s scary.

My husband and I both love to learn new things, cooking, and are both admitted crazy geeks who love all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Lego, Comic-Con, etc. I don’t think we could ever find anyone with whom we could be more compatible. We love traveling and trying new things and are not shy about sharing our adventures.

While I do use fictitious names because of Tony’s job, I am pretty honest about every other aspect of our lives here. I hope you will find out journey as interesting as we do.


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