Things are Looking Up Again

13900357_10208876501981516_8409685883745070408_nAfter we got Shaggy home from the vet clinic he was doing good for two days then he took a turn for the worse.

After finally eating well again, Sunday night as we were going to bed, Shaggy began throwing up again. He threw up so many times and by the end was just dry heaving. The poor boy was so tired he just laid there and looked at me. It was so hard being that helpless.

The next day he refused to eat anything, can’t say that I blame him after the night he had. I tried just giving him boiled turkey and rice but he wouldn’t touch it. Finally last night, I gave him a boiled egg. He ate it so fast I had to take it away from him and hand feed it to him so he wouldn’t make himself sick again.

Today, I tried the turkey and rice again but he still didn’t want it so I gave him another boiled egg. I had an idea and, for lunch, I made Shaggy an omelet of one egg, turkey, and rice. He loved it so much I again had to take the food from him and hand feed it to him. I’m being careful not to feed him too much today until we know for sure he’s feeling better.

One thing I am so thankful for is the way animals are treated here in Germany. The vet we go to is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year just like the hospital for people. Watching the doctors with Shaggy has made me feel so much better. You can tell the people in there really love animals. Some people even bring their own animals to work with them.

Here it is more the norm for animals to be seen as part of the family and not an accessory. Dogs go to the mall with people, to restaurants, on vacation, they go everywhere people go except grocery stores. It’s amazing.

Even the shelter we went to looked like a pet resort. They had an agility pen with ramps and tires to jump through. They had even just built a new area for rabbits. It was pretty nice.

It’s comforting to be somewhere I know the people I need to go to to help my dog will care as much about him and his well-being as I do.


2 thoughts on “Things are Looking Up Again

  1. Shure hope Shaggy is well again. You are right,takin in a pet you should also take the resposibility for its well-being.

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