Things Got Better …


Shaggy was dehydrated so they put him on an IV first thing.

After getting Shaggy to the vet, things got better, until they got worse. Shaggy was doing great  for a few days but when Tony got home, Shaggy took a turn for the worse. I’m glad Tony was here to help!

Shaggy had gone two days without being sick since I took him to the vet. But Friday Shaggy started throwing up again and this time he was showing signs of dehydration. Tony and I took Shaggy back to the vet.

The first thing they did was set up with an IV to rehydrate him. Then after a few more tests they found out his intestines were filled with gas.

Now, you should know that last month I took him in for allergy testing. We had not gotten the results yet. So while we were there this time, we asked about the results and it turns out our dog is very allergic to pork and beef. Who would have ever thought a dog could be allergic to pork and beef?!

For months we had been buying Shaggy big ham bones as special weekend treats. Who knew we could be killing him with that. So for now, Shaggy is on a diet of chicken and rice and, after a while, he might get lucky and get a few more veggies mixed in.

As for me, I’m tired!


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