Where did the time go?

So much has happened since my last blog. I can’t believe the twists and turns my life has taken.

I am a published author, writing westerns of all things, using two of my names. I believe I have mentioned before (or maybe not so much goes on in my head I’m not always ure what I’ve shared with you and what I haven’t) I have a very long crazy name since getting married. I kept my original three names and tacked on two of my husbands. When I tell people my whole name I always get odd looks.

I took my maiden last name and dropped the final “s” and my married last name and am currently writing a western serial collection under a male pen name. I am using photos I took of my father at my age as my publicity photos. My publisher really wants me to switch and write the books as a woman. They are looking to promote more female writers. While I think that is great I also know the general public often have a preconceived notion about gender and certain genres. For example most people expect women to be better romance writers and men to be better at writing things like westerns.

I told my publisher I would be happy to switch to my own name and photos after I have a chance to get a good base following for my work. So far my book has been getting great reviews from readers. The only real complaint I have had on my writing is everyone always wanted more. Best complaint I could ask for.


With luck this will be our new rescue dog        from Russia, Niko

A few weeks after my book was released my stepdaughter moved in with us. The first two weeks was a little uneasy as we all got settled in with each other but after the initial getting to know you stage things have been great.  My stepdaughter could not be more like me if we actually shared DNA. It’s crazy how much we are alike. The only thing we really differ on, besides the fact she is a petite adorable girl and I’m a big amazon of a woman, is she is very shy and can be timid at times and I have never been shy a day in my life.

Sadly, her residential visa was denied so she will have to go back to Chile on the 21st. Our plan is to apply again in a year and see if we can’t get her here permanently then. We are even planning on trying to get her twin sister here next year too. I think it was a good baby step for us to have her here for these months and then both of the girls here next year. Suddenly being the parent of gorgeous twin teenage girls might have made my head explode.

I am getting ready to release the second installment in my western serial in a few weeks. Then I have to design a cover and record the audio versions for book one and two. Besides writing the books I have been working on websites and social media promotions. With Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, Author pages on sales sites and my own webpages with daily author blog, I’m lucky to get any books written or housework done.

Last but not least I have to start more language lessons and a cultural integration course that my permanent residency visa is dependent on. I have until 2018 to complete it but I really need to get started as soon as possible. When you don’t have reliable short term memory, it can take a while to learn new skills like languages.

Also after months of trying to find a dog, many many disappointments, we are finally expecting to receive a rescue dog from Russia for Valentine’s Day. He is a Chinese Crested mix and just as cute as can be. We’ve named him Niko and have already bought him loads of goodies in preparation for his arrival.

So, new daughters, new books, new classes, new dog and sometimes I even get to sleep.


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