Halloween in Europe

I love Hallo67373_1538336310033_4844204_nween, I always have. Back in the Kansas I was known for my Halloween displays and for giving out great candy. I always dressed for the occasion too. I had trunks of costume bits and pieces, make-up, and even had special-effects contacts and a voice changer.

So as you can imagine I have been a bit disappointed at the level of celebration, or lack there of, they have here in Europe. I will say it seems to be more of a celebration here in Germany than it was in Denmark. I actually saw Halloween decorations in the stores back in July but still not like the US.482951_4254342848499_300130885_n

Many American’s are crazy for Halloween. We have blow-up monsters, animated ghouls, skeletons, screaming devil babies and crawling zombies. Every year the theatrics seem to get bigger and more elaborate. My displays were very well-known among the kids in our area. Parents would bring vans of kids to our neighborhood just to Trick-or-Treat at my house.

If there had been anyway to ship all of my Halloween decorations over here, I would have. I had really been going big the last 20 years. Every year I added a new piece to the collection. Many were getting old and starting to fall apart but for some Halloween decorations the more decrepit they looked the more appropriate they were.

When we get a house here I just may have to start building up my Halloween arsenal again. I may have to make shopping 67577_1546538075072_2619_ntrips to the US to get some of the things I want if I can’t figure out how to make it myself but I think my mother would be happy to help me in that endeavor.

Sadly, my husband does not share the Halloween spirit with me. He is not a fan of scary movies or weird costumes, unless they are of the comic-con variety. That is fine, I have never been afraid to go it alone. I do have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of my step-daughters may be willing to share in my enthusiasm, if her Netflix  viewing habits are any indication.

One of these days I will once again have a yard full of plastic skeletons, demonic rats, and more body parts than the local morgue and earn myself the reputation for being the crazy Halloween lady, and I am fine with that!


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