Alone Again

Today has been another grey misty day here in Düsseldorf. It fits my mood for the day very well. Tony left for München and will be gone for three days. This, just a week after he got back from ten days in Chile. Next week he’ll be in Stuttgart.

While I’m happy for Tony’s success at work and that he was able to spend so much time with his family recently with the losses they have had in the family, it’s still hard to spend so much time away from him.

Just this week Tony finally got his official paperwork saying he had passed his probationary time at this new job and had received an excellent report. But with this excellence comes more responsibility and more business trips. I’m happy for him because he is very happy with this job and the people he is working with. But is does suck for me.

Tony works long hours and we only get to have a few hours a day together during the work week. The perk has always been we got entire weekends together. Now with these trips, the job is taking up our weekend time together. I know I’m being selfish but honestly I don’t care. I love my husband, and I love spending time with him, and I’m not one bit ashamed that I hate that his work is eating into our together time.

That being said, I will never give him grief about having less time with me. I will however do everything I can to make sure that the time we do have together is amazing. Even if we are just sitting at home watching TV, I will do my part to make it relaxing, fun, and memorable for us both.

We already have our tickets for the midnight showing for the next Star Wars movie coming out in December, that’s good start.


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