Rain Rain Go Away …

Where I grew up in Kansas we do not get a lot of rain except in Springtime also known as tornado season. It has been really hard to get used to Europe and all the rain they have here. When we were in Denmark it rained practically everyday for at least a few minutes but it rarely rained all day. Here in Germany it doesn’t seem to rain as often but when it does it’s usually all day long.

Today was another typically rainy day here and it was a lot colder than I expected. Despite the weather I had to go out and run errands. I did not dress well for the weather either. I was only halfway down my block and I was already getting cold. And being the lazy person I am, I refused to go back home and change, I just kept going and tried to walk faster to generate more heat. By the time I go to the streetcar stop in my neighborhood I was pretty darn cold.

When I got on the streetcar the ticket machine didn’t work so I couldn’t buy a ticket. I took this as a sign I was meant to get off at the main station and buy a ticket, and if I had to make a side trip into a coffee shop for something hot, so be it. And for the record, the chai tea latte was wonderful!

After I warmed up a bit I bought a ticket and got back on the train. There is a place on the other side of the river where I love to go to do my shopping. All the stores where I love to shop are right within two blocks of walking. How can you beat that? I went to the Apotheke (pharmacy), Goll (health food store), Rewe (grocery), Super Bio Market (organic market), and Rossman (like a Walgreens without the pharmacy).

By the time I was done going in and out of all the stores I was pretty cold again. I got a hot green tea at the bakery in front of the Rewe. I really didn’t think it through how to carry two full, heavy shopping bags, an umbrella, and a hot tea. Trying to balance all of that while digging out my wallet to get out coins to buy a ticket home proved to be a delightful challenge too. I can happily say I only spilled a tiny bit of my tea when I went to punch my ticket on the train and most of that just landed on the lid of the cup so, good for me.

By the time I got home I was so cold and wet and grumpy … lucky husband. I had my keys but instead of trying to dig them out I just rang the apartment and let him come answer the door and carry my bags for me. I went to switch laundry and then started straight in on making dinner. As I was starting to chop veggies Tony came in and hugged me to try to imporve my grumpy mood. As soon as he touched my back he told me to go change. I was a lot more soaked than I realized. I went in  and changed my sweater but not the tank I had under it. Tony being the mother hen that he is where my health is concerned immediately came over and reached under the new sweater to feel my tank and finding it damp too made me go change again. I love that he worries so but it’s kind of annoying at times too. Though as I sit her writing this wheezing, I’m glad he looks out for how he does.

With the cold weather I thought vegetarian “beef” stew sounded good. So we had that with fresh baked rolls.The “beef” is not actually meat, it’s made from seitan. When he is home with me Tony eats vegetarian with me but when we go out or he goes back home he becomes a ravenous carnivore. The only real problem with that is when he comes home and starts eating vegetarian again with me his body has to get used to having all those veggie again. For those who have never tried going vegetarian, the first few days can be … how to say this … gas production becomes a real issue. I just remind him, this too shall pass, one way or another.

Tomorrow the new stove comes. I’m so excited for this. I’m praying this one will have the baking racks actually in the oven and not on the door like the model we have now. It will be so much easier to bake more than one thing at a time and with Thanksgiving coming up next month I really really want an oven with racks in the oven!! One of my step-daughters should be living with us by then and I would really like to be able to impress her with my cooking.

Here is hoping!!!


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