Last night as I sat at my kitchen table writing the western I need to get to my editors, Tony messaged me. He was checked in at the airport and just waiting for his flight to be called. He was coming home.

I hate all the time we have spent apart in our short marriage. We met in Wichita, Kansas in January of 2013. We had been dating for 3 months when he got the job offer in Denmark. He proposed, I said yes, we told my parents, and he left the country. I didn’t see him again until two weeks before our wedding in December.

After the wedding we spent 2 weeks together and the first week of January he went back to Denmark. It took until August of 2014 to get my paperwork in order to move to Denmark with him. I was really surprised I had not been more nervous about all of it. I never felt nervous before the wedding or even when I was getting on the plane to leave the only home and family I have ever known to live with a guy I had only dated for three months and would now live on the other side of the earth with.

Our first year together has been a series of unfortunate events in our and our families’ lives. My first month in Europe I got pneumonia and was sick for about a month. Tony was laid off; we had to move to another country. We’ve lost my granny, his mother, and now his aunt. My great-nephew is battling a life-threatening liver disease and has endured two transplants all before his first birthday. We’ve had to race to meet immigration requirements so I could be allowed to stay here in Germany with my husband and now we are going through the immigration process again to get one of Tony’s daughter’s here with us.

Immigration probably wouldn’t be this difficult if we all had the same nationality. I still have to take 600 more hours of German language courses and compete an integration class while trying to write books and keep up with my family obligations as the loving housewife. It all makes me tired just thinking about it but it’s so worth it to be here. I am surprised how much I like living in Germany. It’s something I would have never even considered if I hadn’t met Tony.

Through everything I am still amazed that I don’t get nervous about us. Yes, I was nervous about our financial situation when he was laid off but I had faith he would bring us through. Yes, I was nervous I wouldn’t pass my language test in August and would have to go back to the U.S. for a while but it never even entered my mind that if that happened it would cause a problem with our relationship. And yes I am nervous about how adding a teenager I have never met in person to our household will effect our family dynamic but I’m not worried it will harm Tony’s and my relationship. Tony is the easiest person I have ever lived with. He is rational and caring. He knows how to compromise and communicate. He is my calm when I feeling anxiety. I can have the worst day and all he had to do is hug me and I know we will find a way to work through anything. He’s amazing.

Tony just messaged me, he’s in Madrid. Eight more hours until he’s home. I hope I can finish my book I’m working on before he gets here. I don’t want to have to take time away from being with him the rest of this week if I don’t absolutely have to. He has to go out of town on two more trips this month but at least they are just short ones in Germany to Munchen and Stuttgart.

So for now I will write and try not to count the hours until Tony walks in the door again.


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