The Joys of Family and Large Appliances

I’m a little late getting to this today but at least I made it before the sun went down here in Germany. Once again I find myself distracted with family stuff. At least some of it is good today and some just the usual family B.S. As I get older I find I have a lot lower tolerance for the image13way much of my family behaves. But no need to focus on the negative, time for, “what’s different about German appliances!”

Let’s start with my crazy stove since I’m sitting here next to it. My landlord tells me this is an old model. I was really surprised when we first moved in here because I had never seen a stove like this before. It just sits in a hole in the cabinets and it’s not hooked down to anything, which can be a problem when I open the door because the door is so heavy, especially if there are any dishes in there cooking. The weight on the door makes the whole oven tip forward. So not cool. The first time this happened I about wet myself. Luckily, image12it cannot tip too far but things on the shelves still slide and have caused a few messes.

Plus, you can really only use one shelf conveniently. If you try to put something on the lower rack you either have to end up burning your arm to check it or you have to take the dishes off the top rack, take out the top rack, check your dishes, then put it all back in there before you let too much heat out and the temperature drops too much. Such a pain.

Luckily, one of the burners on the stove quit working and it can’t be fixed so we will get a whole new oven! Please God let this be a normal one where the door opens and the racks stay IN the oven. I will be cooking for Thanksgiving here next month and I really would like it to turn out nice. We haven’t had much luck with ovens so far in Europe. The one in our last apartment was so tiny you couldn’t get two image9dishes in on one shelf. Made holiday cooking a much longer process.

There are also a few features on the stove that are new to me. One is the child safety button. Not really sure how much good this does. To use the stove you have to press the button before any of the image68burners will work. That is great. However, once you have pushed it, it stays activated the whole dang day. It never seems to go off. At some point in the night it finally resets but considering any children would be up and active during the day when this won’t go off, so it really doesn’t prevent much.

Also there is a button on the stove that I have no idea what it does. I thought it might have to do with the child safety button but no. Then I thought maybe is had to do with an oven vent, again no. If the new stove has this same feature I’ll ask the guy who installs it.

image5On to the dryer. I have never seen this feature in a dryer before, not in the U.S. or in Denmark. There is a water tray. Water that is collected in the dryer is funneled into this tray in the machine and you have to dump the water out after every cycle. It’s the craziest thing. The dryer is a newer model than the one we had in Denmark but still I have never seen this. Maybe it’s meant for places that don’t have a way to attach a drain hose to a machine, I don’t know. But the machine itself works pretty good so I’m not complaining, just find it interesting.

I’m glad I was finally able to get some expat stuff in here. Makes me feel like I’m getting back to normal in a very image6small way. image2


4 thoughts on “The Joys of Family and Large Appliances

  1. What you look at to be a storage space for pots and pans in reality is a baking oven. So, small wonder it tilts the whole stove when overloaded

    • You seem to have misunderstood. I realize the whole thing is a baking oven. I do not store anything in there. I was referring to when I am cooking several dishes at one time and try to use both of the shelves in the oven to cook on. It is difficult to check the dishes on the lower shelf as they are cooking because I either have to reach in the side between the shelves to check the dishes or I have to take the top rack completely off to see the dishes cooking on the second shelf. The whole oven tilts forward if you open the door all the way even if there is nothing in the oven. It tilts because the door is so heavy and the the oven is not hooked to anything. Sorry for the confusion.

    • I was really surprised they never fixed this in the apartment before we even moved in. But we are getting a new stove this week and I will make sure the person who installs the new one makes sure it won’t tip. I’m a big enough klutz, I don’t need any help in the accident department. 😉

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