Another Rainy Day in Dusseldorf

Yay for me. Second day in a row I’m starting out my day on schedule. As I sit here with my coffee and my laptop I can look out my balcony door to see a light rain misting over the back garden. This weather definitely suits my mood today.

I did manage to work on my book yesterday but I didn’t get much done. I am too distracted. My great-nephew who is 9 months old has been put on dialysis to keep his kidneys from failing while they wait for a donor liver for him. Tony is Chile with his family and I sit here trying to focus on what I need to do while obsessively checking my phone for news up dates on my great-nephew.

I had a message from Tony that he will be visiting one of his aunts in the hospital today. She has been battling cancer for years. They doctors do not expect her to live past this weekend. Tony also told me he will not be bringing his daughter home with him on this trip. Her paperwork isn’t ready. It will be a few months before she can come. I expect he will want to fly to Chile and pick her up whenever she is ready but I do not know how we would ever be able to afford yet another flight for him to Chile.

Why does it seem like these kinds of things always come in clusters? In 2004 I had 7 surgeries in 6 months, 6 of those were brain surgeries, my Dad had a triple bi-pass, my grandfather died, and we had to put out cat to sleep. Now 11 years later when I am celebrating being alive for 11 years after the last surgery when my own doctors told my parents I would not survive the weekend, I’m seeing so many family members in the same kind of life or death fight and watching too many of them lose their battles.

I want so much get my mind back on track of just living life and exploring Germany. I should be focusing this blog on what it’s like to be an expat here in Dusseldorf but life just keeps distracting me. I need to refocus.

I am looking forward to the holidays here in Germany. They actually celebrate Halloween here. Decorations have been in the stores since July. I’m excited about that. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Christmas markets here in Dusseldorf should be much more impressive than the one in Sonderborg last year just because of the size of the town we are in now. If the fairs they have in the Altstadt are any indication of what we can expect, the Christmas market will be amazing!

About a month ago one of the burners quit working on our stove. Everything else still works except that one burner. Tony let the landlords know. Two different repair men have come to check it out, neither spoke English but the landlords came with them and spoke to them. Unfortunately the landlords do not speak English either. Of course they have been here when Tony is in Chile and can’t talk to them. Luckily for me I can understand more German than I can speak so I was catching about a third of everything being said and the landlords sent their daughter Laura up after the fact to explain everything to me in English. I really have to get Laura something for Christmas to thank her for all her work as a translator for me.

We are still trying to find a dog here. We may have found a French Bulldog.  There is a couple who has two puppies for sale. We are still checking shelters to see if we can find small dog to adopt but every shelter we have checked seems to only have large dogs. And when I say large I mean miniature pony to actual pony size. Our little 5 room apartment does not have enough room for a large dog. So for now the search continues.

I’m going to keep trying to focus on keeping to my schedule and keep myself distracted. Tomorrow I will try to find something more expatty to post about.

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