Fall in Germany

I have noticed the weather here is extremely different from where I’m from in Kansas. I have never lived anywhere where it rains this much. Even when we were in Denmark where it rain a little bit practically everyday, it was never like this. Here it can rain all day and night, stopping and starting all day long.

In Kansas it can rain a lot but it’s usually only in the spring, or as it’s known in Kansas, tornado season. In Denmark it would sprinkle for about 30 minutes almost every day with the occasional full blown rain but that didn’t happen very often. All of the rain we get here make me fear winter. I’m not used to a lot of snow so if this rain is any indication of the kinds of snow fall that happens here, I think I’m going to dread German winters.

I have never liked the cold. In Kansas we don’t get much snow. It’s usually more sleet and ice. The last good snow there was the day before our wedding, of course. And that snow storm was the worst we had seen in years, again, of course. We had some of Tony’s family in town from Chile where it was summer at the time. His poor relatives went from a warm beach town to the worse snow storm in years in Kansas.

Today is another typical rainy day so I’m planning on staying in and working on my schedule. I got up after only hitting the snooze about 3 times, not bad. I had breakfast, watched some German TV to practice understanding German, I’m posting this blog, then I will do some yoga, get dressed and the rest of the day will be devoted to my book. I really should work in doing some laundry in there too.

Getting into this schedule is helping me to avoid thinking about my family right now. My youngest great-nephew is having complications after having a liver transplant and has been put back on the transplant list. He was born on our 1st wedding anniversary last year and is not even 1-year-old yet. I know what it’s like to be the one going in for surgeries but I can’t imagine what it’s like to watch your child going in for something like that. That has to be a special kind of hell.

While I’m waiting for word from my family about my great-nephew I am trying to think of something to do for my step-daughter. We got word yesterday that she will not be coming back with my husband on this trip. Tony will have to have a meeting with immigration here to prove he can financially support her before she can come. I feel so sorry for her having to wait there a few more months. Part of me is relieved because I just do not feel quite ready yet. There are things I wanted to have for her room to make it more comfortable for a teen-age girl. I want her to have privacy and a space that is just hers. Right now our empty luggage is in her room, the mop, broom, vacuum, Ironing board and drying rack are all in her room and I want it out of there before she moves in. I want her room to just be here space where she can find some peace and solitude.

While the delay makes the transition a bit easier for me I hate that it’s making things more stressful for her. I just want to keep focusing on the fact that once she gets here things will be so much better for her and it will be a new beginning.

For now I’m off to do some yoga to relax and burn a few calories.


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