Starting a Schedule is Harder Than It Looks

I am trying to find a set schedule to do everyday that gives me time for housework, errands, this blog, exercise, working on my book, cooking, and some downtime. It’s a lot harder than I expected it would be but then if I were better at self discipline I wouldn’t have weight issues.

Tony is back in Chile right now. With any luck one of his daughters will be coming home with him to live with us. I have to admit part of me hopes she will not be joining us here in Germany until January. I really wanted my husband and I to have two years together as a couple before we added anyone else into our family. But I think it’s more important that she comes now and gets out of her current environment. She will be much better off with us.

I had family news from the US yesterday. My youngest great-nephew who was born on our first anniversary had to go in for a liver transplant. He had surgery before to try to fix his liver and put a transplant off for a few years but it just didn’t help as much as he needed. His name went on the donor list last Friday and his family was notified on Sunday they had found a match and would take him into surgery on Monday. The last I heard he was doing well but was still in surgery. He should have been out hours ago but with time differences I have not heard any more news yet.

While our family is so happy that a donor was found so quickly you can not help feeling great sorrow for the family of the donor. For our little man to be blessed with a new liver means some other family is dealing with a horrible loss. You can’t help but feel for them.

It seems destined to be a hard year for our family. My Granny passed in May, Tony’s Mom passed in September, and now the youngest member of our family is in the hospital for a liver transplant.  I hope the next few months will at the least be uneventful if not blissful.

I am almost done with my first book I will be publishing under my own name. I just have to do a few more things on Amazon to set up my account to start self-publishing. Three of my friends have agreed to work as editors for me. Two of them I went to college with and the third I worked with at a news service. I might actually get a new career going here this month.

This month also marks the 11th anniversary of my last brain surgery. It is amazing how far I have come since then. It has taken years to recover but I feel as if I’m finally getting to the point where I can say I have hit my pinnacle for my recovery. When I think of where I was 11 years ago, physically and geographically, I would have never even considered that I could be doing as well as I am now.

I have come to realize that I’ve been depressed for several months which is understandable but I also realize I need to get my ass in gear and get out of this mindset.  Today I got up and did a bit of yoga. I hope to do a bit more everyday but it’s been so long since I practiced I’m a bit tight. I’m trying to do better watching what I’m eating and spending time working. I need to squeeze in some time to practice my German too. It’s amazing how fast you can forget words when you don’t use them all the time. With all the things I’m trying to work into everyday I think I’m going to need more than 24 hours a day.


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