We made it! The move was not great but not horrible. Tony and I managed to rent a van (My first driving experience in Europe was driving a manual transmission moving van around Denmark. Not too nerve wracking), pack the apartment, drive to Dusseldorf, find the apartment, get loaded and unpacked in just a few days.

Tony has already had three days on his new job. It’s going to be a bit of a struggle living without a car for six months, then Tony gets his company car, but with the trains, buses, and so many things within walking distance, we will manage.

I am only just now becoming human again after this move. I have been so sore and exhausted the last few days. This new place is gorgeous but I have to admit that I don’t think this new apartment will ever feel like home to me. It’s amazing. Completely furnished and decorated by the landlords. So much so we have no places to put out own things out. We’ve had to leave a the vast majority of our things boxed up because there is just no room here among the landlords decorations.

Another thing I have already noticed is not as many people speak English here. In Sondorborg I only met about four people who didn’t speak fluent English. Here I have only met about four so far who do speak English.

In Denmark they had several US TV shows on cable many of them were old series but a few were current. They were all in English with Danish subtitles. Here in Germany there are loads of current US TV shows on cable but they have all been dubbed in German. So I can watch but I have no clue what is being said. Here they do have large screen movie theaters. But like with the TV most of the new movies have been dubbed in German.

So the up side is there is a lot more American entertainment available here but the down side is I am going to have to learn German first to really enjoy it.

In Sonderborg I  was able to find the Stevia sweetener I like but I couldn’t find the green tea with mint I liked. In Germany I have found one place that sells a decent green tea with mint but the Stevia here is loaded with extra chemical crap I wouldn’t want to ever ingest.

They have the vegetarian lunch meats here but not the vegetarian Quorn chik’n strips I was able to get in Sonderborg.

So all in all so far it’s been about an even tradeoff. I can find the things I missed living in Sonderborg and yet can’t find the things I was able to get there. Murphy’s Law can be so cruel.


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