We finally got the good news today. Tony’s visa is waiting for him at the embassy in Copenhagen. He’s going up there this Wednesday to get it in his passport and then we move to Dusseldorf this weekend. Talk about just in the nick of time.

Next Thursday, April 30th, is the last day our visa’s for Denmark are valid. After that we would be illegal aliens in this country. The stress that has been building as this date has gotten closer has been ridiculous. I’m a stress eater and I’m amazed I have managed to not gain a ton of weight the last month. Thank goodness I have to walk to the store to buy pastries and ice cream; nothing like forced exercise to keep you from ballooning up.

I also happen to have a neurological condition which presents itself more and more as I feel more stress. Which basically means I’ve been dropping a lot more things lately, tripping, unable to think of the words I want to say. It sucks but … eh … whatcha gonna do? C’est la vie

The stress will still be there a little until we get moved and settled in our new place. Tony has to go to work at his new job next Monday so we have to make like a bread truck and haul buns to get everything done and into the new apartment so he can be ready to go to work.

Then soon after we settle in I’m going back to the US to start filing all the paperwork so Tony can have a green card for the US. This way if we ever find ourselves in this situation again (God forbid) we can both go back to the US without any issues. And he would be eligible to work as soon as we are back on US soil, no waiting for visa approval.

Then in June Tony’s daughter is moving in with us. We are going to go from just us to three of us. I won’t lie, I’m a little worried as to how this is going to change things but I love Tony and he loves me. We will make it work. Besides, I love kids, even grumpy teenagers.

So while we still have a few stressful months ahead of us, things are much better than they have been. We still haven’t celebrated the good news yet. We are waiting until this Friday when he is home from collecting his Visa. THEN we celebrate!


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