A Light at the End of the Tunnel … a Little, Tiny, Pinpoint Light, but Still, a Light!

We are not out of the woods just yet but there is at least some hope! Tony’s new company hired a lawyer to help get his work visa pushed through. Yesterday, Tony received an email saying his work visa for Germany has now been approved. We can’t, however, celebrate just yet.

The approval still has to go the to Germany embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Once they get all the needed paperwork, Tony needs to drive to Copenhagen and meet with the embassy officials and get the approved stamp in his passport. Once he does that, then we can celebrate!

I cannot begin to express how freaked out I have been in my head while trying desperately not to show it on the outside to anyone. I knew in my heart that Tony would do everything in his power to get everything worked out. The only problem with that is when you are dealing with governments, you really don’t have a lot of room to control anything. He can fill out his paperwork and get it to the right office at the right time but that is really about it. Everything else is up to the powers that be.

If they had decided to not give Tony his work visa we would have been in a very bad place. Tony’s visa for Denmark expires the last day of April. When that expires we would be required to leave Denmark. With me being an American citizen and Tony being Chilean it causes some difficulties.

If we had to leave Denmark before getting a visa for Germany, we would most likely have to go to our own respective countries of origin, at least for a few months. I already had to wait eight months after the wedding before I could move in with my husband in Denmark. Since moving in with him I have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. I did not want to have to spend several more months away from my husband while Tony applied for a permit to come live with me in the US.

If we did have to go to separate countries, there was also the issue of our belongings here. When I was getting ready to move to Denmark, I spent several weeks slowly mailing a lot of my possessions. My mother even sent several more boxes after I got here. Tony and I do not have enough money on hand to ship everything we own back to our home countries.

This would mean that after I had already given up about 80% of everything I owned so I could move here to Denmark less than a year ago, I was now going to have to give up half of what I had kept. Many of these items are family heirlooms I am not now, or ever, willing to part with. My only solution was going to be to keep my family and wedding keepsakes and leave my clothes behind. Not something I would want to do but my clothes can be replaced, my grandmothers recipes and kitchen gadgets she used to teach me to cook cannot be.

So you can imagine the level anxiety that has been growing as we get nearer the last day of April. If things work out as we expect, Tony will have his new work visa for Germany in his passport by next week. Midweek he will return the company car to the dealer and rent a van. He will confirm our rental in Dusseldorf, Germany then we will pack, which should only take us a day to do, and next weekend we will move to our new place in Germany.

I’m really looking forward to the new place. We are on the second floor of a duplex. This means we only have to share the building with one other family consisting of a mom and her adult daughter, who happen to be vegetarians like me. That will be nice. One thing that will be hard to get used to is we will not have a car for the first six months there. Tony has to be on the job for six months to get a company car.

They have great public transportation so it shouldn’t really be an issue. I just always worry about not having a car due to my health issues. When you are used to frequent E.R. visits having a car is handy.

I have another reason to be glad about everything working out. Tony’s daughter has been waiting to come move in with us. We had to postpone her move due to the visa issues but now that we know where we are going to be we can start planning again. It still will be several months before we can afford to move her.  But she is doing everything she can to help out. She is even taking English language lessons so she and I can communicate better.

Between my half forgotten Spanish classes and her newly learned English skills we should be able to figure it out. Over the last several months we have had to spend all the money we had saved for her moving expenses just to cover our day to day life. As soon as we can get some money saved up we will have this amazing girl with us. It will be interesting. It’s been a long time since I lived with a teenager. I do remember liking it though.

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