I Feel the Need for Chocolate Therapy

This has definitely been one of those days. Tony has been stressing because the work visa to Germany was denied. Turns out he wasn’t supposed to file for it, the company he was hired by needs to do it. They started the process again but today we got a call that he needed to drive 4 hours to Copenhagen tonight and meet with the people at the German embassy again because somehow his paperwork was sent to Munich and then lost.

Now, keep in mind that his layoff package ends the last day of April. When that ends, so do our residency visas. I can go back to the US with no problem since I am an American citizen but Tony is not. He can go with me for 90 days on a visitors visa but he may not be able to apply for residency while in the US on a visitors visa. He may have to go back to Chile to make the application.

Our lease on the apartment is also up the last day of April and the company car has to go back too. If we cannot get this all straightened out before the last day of April we will be homeless, carless, and without country. If we have to make a quick exit to the US we may have to leave some possessions behind. I gave up almost everything I owned to move here. The idea of having to give up more breaks my heart. I know they are just things but the things I brought with me have great sentimental value. I have already told Tony I will not give up any of our wedding mementos or things I was given by my mother and grandmother. That is non-negotiable. I would rather give up all my clothes and shoes before I give up my kitchen items from the two ladies who taught me how to cook.

So tonight Tony is on his way to Copenhagen and I sit here working. That is the one bright spot. I have found work. I have been very busy ghostwriting e-books, for very little pay, and I’m doing social media marketing for an indie film studio in California. It’s really fascinating work. I’ve already learned so much. The only down side, I was forced to finally give in and get a Twitter account. I would have rather pulled my own teeth than do that but it is a necessary evil in today’s marketing world, God help us!


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