Stress You Are My Nemesis

To start, I HATE that I cannot us the classic set up to do posts on WordPress now. It was all so easy before. This new setup just adds to my stress right now.

Tony and I were doing so good for a while. He had his job in Germany. We found an apartment in town we both liked. it is close to shops, trains, and school for when his daughter comes to live with us. I had found a job working on promotions and fund raising online for a indie film company in California and was hired to write to ghostwriting projects both of which were published this month. Things were good.

The today Tony finds out that his work visa for Germany had been denied. Turns out the company, not Tony, was supposed to put in the request for the visa. Tony had suggested to HR that having him do the paperwork was not the right process but they had assured him this was how it needed to be done. Now here we are, after weeks of waiting for the paperwork to come through and the process has to be done again. It will be at least another 4-6 weeks for the papers to be processed. We will lose our current apartment in 5 weeks and Tony’s current income stops in 5 weeks too. We could find ourselves with no income, no home, we won’t even have a car to live in because the one we have is a company car and goes back in 5 weeks as well. To say I’m stressed doesn’t even cover it!

Even though I’m working it’s not going to help. The ghostwriting jobs paid very little and I will not get paid for the movie job until the end of my contract. It will eventually be a nice lump sum but that won’t payout until September. So for now I keep working and pray a LOT. I was in such a lovely place before today. My two published works were getting great reviews on Amazon and I am about to actually publish a third under my own name. The movie job is fun and I’m learning a lot about Social Media Promotions. I should have suspected something was going to come along to give me a reality check.

I will keep the faith!


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