So Many Changes

Well, things are changing. Lately I haven’t been keeping up with my blog the way I should. Tony and I are looking at apartments and packing in preparation to move to Dusseldorf, Germany. I’m looking forward to living there but I do not know anyone who looks forward to the actual process of moving. We live in a 3rd floor walk-up so all I can think of is all the trips going up and down stairs carrying boxes. I have never been so happy I got rid of almost everything I own to move to Europe.

Since my last post I have written an e-book. The experience had many positive and a few negative aspects. I have signed up for a few freelance job sites to get some money coming in for me. It’s not much but anything is more than I had before. I landed a job writing a short e-book on essential oils. Seeing as how I worked in a natural health food store for about 3 years and was the manager for the Heath and Beauty department where part of my job was stocking and selling essential oils, this project was right up my alley.

The job did pay much but I figured it would be a good things to start building a portfolio to show I could write e-books and get my name on a project. After i wrote the book, turned it in, the client published it, that was when he told me it was actually a ghost writing project and my name was not going to be associated with the e-book at all. As you can imagine I was not happy.

The client admitted this was his first e-book purchase and he did not mean to intentionally mislead me.  Seeing as how he did not present this as a ghost writing assignment and there was no non-disclosure agreement, I have sent links to the book for my friends and family and have included it in my portfolio of work. I’m really not sure if I should try to pursue this matter further with him or not. Even if the misrepresentation was unintentional, the only reason I took the job for such a small writing fee was to have something with my name on it. i did not sign over copyrights to him so I would think I have options.

Right now I do have another e-book offer on the table. This one is being presented from the start as a ghost writing project. It will be a 4 part romance serial. Each part is only about  7,000-10,000 words. The pay is not very much again but I would be working with an experienced editor and gaining more experience writing fiction. I’ve spent most of my career writing news and feature articles. Any fiction I have written has just been for me. I’m hoping at the very least they will not ask for a non-disclosure agreement so I can add it to my portfolio so I can show I have a proven track record for producing sell-able work.

Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed I would one day be an author. I went into art and design because for me it was easy. There wasn’t a lot of challenge to it. Writing fiction is challenging and exciting. I feel nervous and thrilled at the same time. While I hate writing for such a small paycheck and not even getting to see my name on the finished e-book, I hope that this will give me the stepping stones I  need to reach the career I want. One for which I have a passion. I just hope tony can put up with me, I get a little bitchy when I’m on a roll writing and he tries to talk to me. We made it through the first book so there is hope for the future.

Next Up: Learning So Much


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