Why Does Everything Always Happen at Once?

Oh my dear Lord! I am so tired. Just in the last week we have gotten news that we may be moving as soon as next week. We have nothing packed. We don’t even have boxes yet. We are basically just waiting for Tony’s work visa to come through then we will be hauling buns as fast as possible to Germany.

Tony’s new company is chomping at the bit to get him there. It’s pretty frustrating for him to have to be in this limbo. We were both doing a very bad job of stress relief and found ourselves over eating to compensate. Luckily, we have pulled ourselves out of that and have replaced brownies with yoga, for me, and bike rides, for Tony. And as much as I hate salads, kind of ironic seeing as how I’m a vegetarian, we have been doing lots of salads and veggie stir-fries.

I’ve had some additional stress lately. My father had a bad result on a heart stress test and had to go in for a heart catheter. Happily he came out with a good report form that. Just days after Dad had a good health report, I got news that my youngest great-nephew was going in for surgery. The poor little guy is only about 3 months old and dealing with a rare condition.

When I got news about my nephew, it struck me how many people in my family have rare conditions and no two people have the same condition. You would think with us being able to hit those kinds of crazy odds, one of us would have won the lottery by now!

The day I learned about my nephew I also got world that I had been accepted for a position as an e-book author. I have been writing fast and furious the last three days to finish the book. I wanted to have it done today except for the final edit but it’s taking a bit longer than I thought. This is my first book so it’s a learning experience. I am pretty proud that I have been able to churn out 24 pages of text in less than three full days.I think I should have about 35 pages when I finish this e-book. That is not too shabby. Though I think if I get to write longer pieces in the future I will ask for a full week to get them done, or a a week and a half. I’m really pooped.

Well, Tony just got back from his bike ride. I had better get back to the book before he notices I’m on my blog. I’d never hear the end of it. He does love to tease me. Okay, I love it too.

Next up: So Many Changes


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