Getting Ready to Move

This past week has been pretty busy for us. Tony had a birthday. He turned 50 on Friday. I had really wanted to do something special for him. He had mentioned once that he had never been to Disneyland. I really wanted to take him to Disneyland in Paris but he said no. I was going to take money out of my 401K to pay for the trip but he wanted that money to stay in the retirement fund.

I tried to argue with him saying that since he smokes, I have two neurological conditions and we are both over weight, the likelihood that we would live to use the retirement was slim so we should use it now. He wasn’t amused.  So instead we stayed home. I made him his favorite cake that his grandmother used to make for him on his birthday’s, German Black Forrest Cake.  I made signs from photos of him from our travels and put up stings of paper flags. I got him a Cuban cigar and a gift card for iTunes. It wasn’t much. I couldn’t even throw him a big party. We don’t know enough people here to make a big party.

Tony kept saying it was just another day and it was okay that we didn’t get to do much but I feel bad. It was his 50th birthday. It should have been a bigger deal. I am already planning my 50th. I want Tony and I to take a balloon trip somewhere. If we are in the US then, I want to take a balloon in through the Rockies. If we are in Europe, Tony says they do trips in Switzerland.

Maybe it’s more important to me to celebrate birthday’s than it is for Tony. As far as I know he’s never been as close to death as I have. For me, I think of all these years as bonus years. I feel lucky to be here. I want to celebrate that. I feel so lucky to have met and be married to Tony I want to celebrate him being here too.

The bottom line is he seems happy so I should be happy too. Right now we are focused on checking out apartments in Dusseldorf. In about a week or so we will be taking a trip there to tour a few apartments. So far we have seen a few online that look great. There is one we both love but it has a tiny refrigerator with a freezer that is the size of a shoebox. But the rest of the place is amazing. There is another that has a US sized refrigerator but the furnishings are a little odd. There are at least 3 we have seen online that looks decent and a few that look livable. Hopefully something will work.

I am looking forward to moving Germany except for one thing. Right now Tony has a company car. When he changes jobs he will lose that and the new company will not give him a company car until he passes a 6 month probation. We will have no car for 6 months. Luckily it will be warmer months so walking to shopping and bus or train stations won’t be too bad but it will be so odd. I have had a car since I was 15-years-old. I have been okay with not having a car here because Tony did but I have never experienced life with no family car. I realize this is totally a first world problem and not anything new to a huge portion of the world population but it’s new to me.

For the most part I think everything will be okay not having a car but I think my biggest worry is what if I get really sick again or have neurological issues that will require going to the hospital again. I cannot imagine trying to take the bus or a train to the E.R. while in the throws of a horrible migraine with nausea. Other than that I have gotten used to walking to shop. It should be interesting. I have taken the buses and subways when I have gone to visit friends in big cities but there really isn’t great public transportation where I come from in Kansas. I look forward to finding out about them in Dusseldorf. Hopefully I won’t get too lost. Which would be bad since Tony won’t have a car to come pick me up if I end up out in no man’s land.

I don’t look forward to packing everything up here but at least we don’t have much so it won’t take more than a day to pack up the whole apartment. I have started doing yoga again getting ready for all that going up and down the three flights of stairs when we have to move everything down to the moving van. I would volunteer to take money out of the 401K to pay movers but I don’t see that happening either. I just hope the new place will either have an elevator or be closer to the ground. And if God is kind, there will be a washing machine in the apartment.

Next up: Why Does Everything Always Happen at Once?


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