Where to Go From Here?

Things have been a tad busy here lately. Tony and I are making all kinds of plans for the next few months. It looks as if we will be moving to Germany soon. So I guess this blog will have to change from my journey from single Kansas girl to married danish resident who moved to Germany.

I think things will actually be much better for us in Germany. Besides the fact that Tony speaks fluent German, the city we will be moving to is bigger and just has more to offer.

I have really loved living here in Sonderborg. I have never lived anywhere where I could actually see a beach from a window in my home. It has been nice. I love that basically everything is within walking distance of our apartment. I found it hard at first to deal with the fact that there just isn’t the conveniences here that I was used to back in Kansas. Things like canned soup and pumpkin. But I am also grateful for the experience of having to go without those things. It has made me realize that it’s really not that much extra work to do things from scratch. Even when we are back where we can buy all the convenience things again I doubt I will ever rely on them the way I originally did.

I have found that there are things here I like better than in the States. Of course I have mentioned the bread here before. Oh my God it’s good, too good in fact. In Kansas I rarely ate bread. Here, I could go a whole day and eat nothing but bread. Also, I had my first trip to a Danish dentist for a general teeth cleaning and checkup. The dentist actually did everything himself. I don’t know what he used on my teeth but they looked so white and perfect when I walked out I was shocked. I drink a lot of tea and coffee and it tends to keep my teeth a bit stained but he took care of that, I probably should have hugged him.

I am going to miss the fashion sense of the people in Denmark. It’s really a great cross of looks here. I am amazed daily how many people here look like they just stepped off a fashion runway but they are just out running errands. Then there are those who have a very wild style of self expression when it comes to fashion. I have seen men in their late 40s dressed in black with metal studs and fake razorblades hanging from their shirts while out grocery shopping with the wife and kids. I saw a man in his late 40s the other day who was in the grocery with his wife and child on Valentine’s Day and he had dyed his hair cotton candy pink. I love how you have such bold extremes here.

Sonderborg has been a great transition town for me to get used to living in Europe. One of the things that was a huge help is that nearly everyone here speaks English to some degree. I think if we had just moved to a larger city it might have been a bit overwhelming for me. Now, however, I have experience with being somewhere I do not speak the language and when we go to Germany and I encounter people who do not speak English it will not be as stressful for me. I know I will manage.

In all I am glad we came here first but I think I am ready to move on and experience more. The move might be coming very soon. It all depends on how long it takes to get a work visa for Tony. Once that last hurdle is overcome we will pack up and head on to the next phase of European life. Something I am looking forward to with great excitement and only a little nervousness.

Next Up: Getting Ready to Move


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