Impromptu Post: Why is Denmark Trying to Kill Me?

I am the first to admit that I have fairly fragile health. I have two neurological conditions that keep my immune system working overtime. I tend to catch colds more than the average person but the bugs I have caught since moving to Denmark have been germs from hell out to wreak havoc on my body.

The second month I was in Denmark I contracted a respiratory virus that sent me to the E.R., lasted 2 months, and started up my asthma issues again, for which I had not had to use an inhaler for in more than 3 years.

This week I ended up with a flu that just about sent me to the E.R. again. For two days I had a sinus migraine that would not let up and nausea so bad I couldn’t even keep water down.

Now, as I said, I do have a lower immune system than most but I have not had a year like this before that I can remember since 2004 when I went through several surgeries.

The pain was horrific. Not being able to drink water for two days was torturous. Luckily, today the pain has subsided and I have been able to keep tea and toast down for several hours.

I wonder if the change in allergens, food, and weather with moving from Kansas in the U.S. to Denmark are all ganging up on me to test my physical stamina. I can say that I’ve just about had it with the testing. I want 3 good months in a row with no cold, flu, headache, or even hiccups! I think I’ve earned it.

Next up: Where to Go From Here?

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