New Year, New Home?

It’s been a rough few months. If you read the lasted entry in the Dear Diary page, you already know the job we moved to Denmark for is no longer. Tony is now looking for another job. I’m not going to go into details on the job. It’s gone now, not really anything to talk about there. But the question is, what now?

Part of me would love to pack up and head back to Kansas but with the state of the economy there right now, it’s not the best choice financially. The governor of Kansas has effectively destroyed the states economy and there is no way we would trust our prospects of finding decent jobs there.

If the economy wasn’t an issue I would want to run back to Kansas to everyone and everything I know. I won’t say I’m unhappy here in in Denmark, it’s not than that but I feel isolated. I have one friend who is 2 hours away and I have only been able to visit twice since moving here. I have no car, no job, and I do not speak the language. While most people do speak English here, it’s just not as easy to casually strike up a friendship with someone you don’t even have language in common with.

If I were working this all wouldn’t be so stressful. I would be out interacting with people everyday. I would feel like a productive part of this marriage. I would generally have a lot less time to think about how far away from family and friends I really am. I need more distractions and I hope that soon I will have them. But, for now, I have to wait. I have to wait to see where my husband lands a job before I can do anything about finding one for me.

My husband does have a few job opportunities in Germany, I do not speak German either. One thing that will be a nice change in Germany is they are much more vegetarian friendly there. (Have I mentioned I’m vegetarian?) They even have a vegan grocery store chain there called Veganz. I can’t wait to check out that place. I have already contacted the store to see if they carry some of my favorite products and they do! After trying to be vegetarian in Denmark, which I think their country motto is we put bacon on everything, it will be nice to live somewhere they actually support vegetarianism.

Plus, my husband grew up speaking German so at least one of us will know what is going on there. He even when to college there, has friends and family there too. I think over all Germany may end up being a better fit for us all the way around. Maybe in the next few years, if Kansas can get rid of it’s governor and turn it’s economy around, just maybe one day we could wind up back there, but I doubt it. As a perpetual red state I doubt it will ever be able to provide the opportunities we will find somewhere else.

Our days are currently devoted to job searches, resumes, interviews, and more job searches. We have discussed moving so many places, from going back to the US to going further to someplace like Singapore. There are so many opportunities for a man with my husbands credentials; we really could end up anywhere.

So for now we wait and see where we will end up next. Maybe if I get lucky my husband will get a job where they have a Veganz in town and if I learn German quick I could get a job there. Who knows? In my heart I will always be a Kansas girl but in life who knows where we will end up next.

Next up: Resumes,  Road Trips, and Interviews, Oh My!


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